Analytics Evangelist – Online Impact on In-Store Sales Part II

11/10/2008 10:17:00 AM


Have you reached nirvana?

Two weeks ago we debuted Part I of our five part video interview series with Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist. The post received very positive feedback and we are excited to share Part II of V with you today.

The interview focuses around the theme of online activity driving in-store sales and how retailers can measure this impact. In part II Avinash continues to share pertinent recommendations for measurement including the “holy nirvana” of measurement.


Dean said...

Is it possible to use a primary ID with Google Analytics to connect online and offline behavior? My understanding is no. So what options do Google Analytics users have to connect on and offline behavior?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean - thanks for the question. Here are some ideas around using Google Analytics to connect on and offline behavior.

1. Online surveys: GA can readily measure responses of these surveys only if GA code can be placed within the survey (if the site isn't using a third-party survey generator). This can be done using Event Tracking or by tagging the interactions using our "virtual pageview" method.

2. Measuring in-store sales resulting from online activity: GA can be used to measure the online piece which then will be correlated with offline data. For example, if they want users to download/print an online coupon, GA can track that action on the site. When the user takes the coupon in-store, they can combine GA data with purchases and find out which traffic sources worked best.

3. Measuring offline to online: If an advertiser is running a print/tv/radio campaign (not necessarily through Google) that has a unique vanity URL, they can create a redirect containing GA parameters that will identify offline referrals. Example

- Print ad has

- Redirect to (see this article)

- GA will show activity from this campaign in the All Traffic Sources and Campaigns reports as well as when the GA user selects "source", "medium", "ad content", or "campaign" in the "Dimension" menu in other reports