Marketing in a Down Economy - What's the Right Tactic?

4/09/2009 11:24:00 AM


We visit once again with Les Moeller from Booz & Co in the final installment of our video interview series.

In the past segments Les offered insight and advice around the changing consumer landscape and consumer behavior as a reaction the the new economy. Today Les will tackle the issue of "marketing in a down economy" - how aggressive should you be?

If you missed Part I or Part II - just search the blog for "moeller".

Posted by, Emma Weisberg, Google Retail Team


Perry said...

For me, one of the best techniques in marketing during global recession is to perform lead analytics. The data that lead performance can give you can help you identify which of your techniques are working and which ones are not. There is no point in spending a lot of money on those that do not give you qualified leads.

Ted Hurlbut said...

In the consulting work that I do with independent specialty retailers, I am emphasizing a very personal approach to marketing and the in-store experience. I am recommending that marketing be focused at existing customers, and leveraging those relationships to bring in new customers via special events and referral programs.

Ted Hurlbut said...

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Deriaz Slater Commercial said...

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