Search Vital to Holiday Research

10/28/2009 10:31:00 AM


With 79% of holiday shoppers finding the internet very or extremely helpful, where are shoppers planning to go once they head online this holiday? Not surprisingly, 60% will head to store websites (such as, etc.) and 42% will head to online-only retailer websites (such as,, etc.) to seek out product information and store offerings and make an online purchase.

46% will also head to search engines to seek out information and complete their holiday shopping - a 7% lift over last year.

With such a high percentage of consumer completing their holiday shopping on search engines and other content sites, consider reaching these online audiences through advertisements on both search engines as well as news, consumer, blog, video-sharing, and review sites.

Source: Google/OTX Consumer Intentions for Holiday 2009, 9/09. (Q8) Which of the following online sources, if any, do you plan to use for your Holiday Shopping during the upcoming Holiday season? n=2002