Saints Win 'Search' Superbowl

2/07/2010 12:56:00 PM


Though the championship title is still up for grabs, it looks like fans have declared the New Orleans Saints the winner of the 'Search Superbowl.' Over the last seven days, web search interest in both the Saints and the Colts has increased tremendously. In fact, users have been searching for information on the Saints at about twice the rate of searches for the Colts. For retailers marketing Super Bowl paraphernalia and complementary products, please take note!

Louisiana fans seem especially revved up for today's big game. Louisiana had the most searches for 'Superbowl,' followed by Vermont, then Indiana.

Even though they're not searching at quite the rate of Saints fans, Indiana is still loyal to their NFL team. Over the last thirty days, the top ten searches in Indiana have included 'Colts' or football specific terms.

So will search patterns predict the big winner of today's game? Only time will tell but we will certainly be watching!


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