Amp Your Catalog Drops

10/11/2010 11:12:00 AM


Fossil provides a great example of how to create an integrated marketing campaign. For each SKU featured in their June 2010 catalog they bought a keyword and linked it to the exact landing page for the product. Fossil saw a 55% increase in online orders from this campaign.

If you are a retailer that produces different catalogs for different regions, Google can help you create regionally focused search campaigns based on DMA or zip codes. Or think about creative ways you can integrate and unify your marketing campaigns across channels, building on your current strategies to drive increased sales.


Anonymous said...

I just started following your blog...Really cool stuff. In this post you mention buying a keyword for each SKU. How exactly do you buy a keyword?

Greg Goodson said...

Wait, are you saying each SKU # as a keyword was bought? Like if I had a watch and the SKU was 'AMPD8423', I would bid on the keyword 'AMPD8423'?

This isn't a very good post :-/

Fitness Footwear said...

Actually Greg, you'd be amazed how many customers search by SKU, especially when more technical products often have the SKU or serial number as an important part of their product name.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Google writing a blog about buying keywords from google and the saying how affective it is.

Give this post a little credibility with a few more relevant examples.