Barbie's 50th Anniversary: Best-in-Class Integrated Marketing

10/27/2010 10:41:00 AM

Last year, American icon Barbie celebrated her 50th Anniversary. To celebrate, the famous fashionista hosted fashion shows, events, and parties all over the world. And how did Barbie market this special anniversary? Fans were able to learn more about Barbie's events, Barbie fashions, and communicate with her through her YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter Feed. Whenever Barbie fans went looking for more info, Search ads drove them to all of Barbie's social destinations.

This holiday season, make sure to give your customers a consistent message across all marketing channels. Coordinate your Search efforts with promotions and social media. Support each aspect of your online presence with Search to make your content easy to find, increase your reach, and effectively engage your customers.


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