eReader Fever!

11/19/2010 12:15:00 PM


Holiday 2010: eReader fever is sweeping the nation… again. With Kindle securing the title of “most gifted item” in Amazon’s history during holiday 2009, it’s no surprise that eReaders are topping wish lists again this year. As we head into the holiday season, eReaders are ever more appealing - whether you’re planning to give or hoping to receive. New features, lower price points and vibrant color screens are just some of the things enticing shoppers to spring for their first eReader. Or maybe even an upgrade.

While device enhancements and competitive pricing may be piquing the interest of consumers, consider consumer interest far from peaked. A look at search trends shows that searches for eReader devices are growing at an astounding rate. The combination of new device launches and holiday popularity has truly propelled the category upward. “What kind of growth are we talking?” you ask. The simple answer: nearly 150% year over year. To put that in context, eReaders searches are greater now than they were the week before Christmas 2009.

The below graph shows the scale at which eReaders queries have grown since the original Kindle launched in 2007. As the holidays approach and new models are announced, curious consumers increasingly turn to Google to research these devices.

Exactly three years after the release of the original Kindle, the question plaguing consumers isn’t necessarily “Should I buy an eReader?” but “Which eReader should I buy?” A recent study conducted by Google and OTX reveals that 70% of eReader shoppers are uncertain about which brand of eReader they are going to purchase. Now, more than ever, consumers are turning to ratings and reviews to help guide their decisions. Looking at Google Insights for Search, we can see how the influx of new models has had an impact on shopping behavior. Search terms such as “eReader reviews” and “best eReader” are on the rise.

New models of eReaders are creating consumer excitement, awareness and curiosity. Consumers are searching to learn more about reviews, product features and user experiences. This type of consumer engagement is what drives the “top holiday gifts” to the top. So, with so many options, which eReader will you choose this holiday season?