Market Your Holiday Offers

11/16/2010 01:38:00 PM

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In recent years, shoppers have been conditioned to look for deals when shopping. We've asked consumers three years in a row about what promotions and offers they want for holiday, and it hasn’t changed much over time. Consumers are focused on sales, discounts and free shipping. And as consumers are more focused on immediate gratification rebates have decreased in importance.

Source: Google/Ipsos OTX Consumer Holiday Shopping Intentions Study, September 2010

This is reinforced by what we see people searching for. Searches for 'printable coupons' are currently up by 20% over last year, Searches for ‘bogo’ (short for ‘buy one get one free’) are currently up by 10% over last year.

Offering consumers some sort of value or discount is expected. Make sure to message your offers, free shipping and other value to your consumers through your advertising and your websites. Let the consumer know they are getting a good deal!

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