Post-Holiday Sales

12/15/2010 10:40:00 AM


What's a consumer to do after the crazy rush of holiday shopping ends on December 24? Shop some more! In fact, 2/3 of consumers plan to keep on shopping after Christmas. Looking at last holiday season, consumers' searches for "sales" and "returns" during the holiday season actually peaked on December 26, 2009 (same as 2008).

Much of the post-holiday season is about seeking out sales, using gift cards, and returning gifts that weren't perfect! So think of post-holiday, as another key holiday component of your overall marketing strategy. You want your brand and product to be at the forefront of consumers minds as they think about how to use their gift card, or when they make their own purchase of what they 'really' wanted for the holidays. Keep your presence in the marketplace, advertise your promotions and keep consumers engaged as they continue with shopping after the 25th!

Posted by Heidi Spector, Google Retail Team