The Smart Shopper

12/17/2010 01:40:00 PM

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Do you know “The Smart Shopper"? The Smart Shopper is constantly connected and always mobile. The Smart Shopper values on-line information, researches on-line then shops in-store, and uses a smartphone while shopping.

You can see the smart shopper in action by watching the first two videos in our Smart Shopper series.

The Smart Shopper: Constantly Connected
An exclusive look into consumers’ research and purchase process.

The Smart Shopper: Always Mobile

A clear snapshot of how smartphones are changing the way consumers research and shop.

Use these Smart Shopper insights to help formulate your 2011 marketing plan. Engage the smart shopper by creating compelling video and display ads, developing a cohesive mobile strategy, and using an integrated multi-channel marketing campaign.

Posted by Heidi Spector, Google Retail Team