Exchange That Holiday Sweater Before You Even Unwrap It

1/18/2011 10:11:00 AM

Did you receive gifts this year from your family and friends that weren’t exactly your taste? Were you frustrated with the hassle of returning the items for what you really wanted? What if you could return a bad gift before it got to you?

Interest in gift returns are at a record high according to Insights for Search, and typically peek the day after Christmas each year. This year is indicating a different trend with searches continuing to surge into the new year. Does this mean that gift givers are missing the mark when choosing presents for their loved ones?

Amazon has patented a “gift conversion” process that allows gift recipients to choose an alternate gift once they are alerted of a gift purchased for them without notifying the sender of the “gift swap”. Gift conversion is Amazon’s approach to minimizing unnecessary shipping costs and saving hours of misdirected labor. Additionally, the process is aimed to alleviate consumer frustration with return policies.

Even if the idea of trading one gift for another doesn’t appeal to you, it is apparent that gift returns are at the forefront of consumer minds. Take advantage of the post holiday rush to return gifts by advertising easy exchanges and return policies in your creative.

Posted by Keri Overman, Google Retail Team