Think with Google: What We Learned in 2010

2/02/2011 09:57:00 AM


It’s no secret that today’s consumer is online more than ever before! In 2010, we conducted over 60 research studies with the help of partners such as Compete & OTX to better understand how consumers are utilizing the web--and to help you reach them! From all of this research, we learned some pretty cool facts. For example, did you know Google provides the most dating site search referrals1? Or that 25% of new vehicle buyers utilize the mobile web during their research process2? Neither did we. Watch this video to see some of the coolest (in our minds!) insights gleaned in 2010!

Sources: 1 Google & Compete Personals Study 2010. 2 Google & Compete Automotive Buy Flow Study 2010.

Posted by Lauren Dale, Google Large Advertiser Marketing Team


joe said...

That was a very cool video. I found it surprising that someone to see an ad on youtube is four times more likely to go to their webpage. Very impressive stats