You Can Take Away My Chocolate, but Don’t Take Away My Credit Card!

4/04/2011 10:49:00 AM


With Easter falling significantly later this year, retailers have an increased opportunity to push Easter products including gifts & greetings, Spring apparel and home decor for family entertaining. They also engage consumers as they search for last minute entertaining items and the perfect dress for the occasion, and feature deals on related products and exclusive inventory to increase online and store purchases.

Google Insights for Search indicates that searches begin to rise in early March, with peak interest on the Thursday before Easter. It is crucial to be actively advertising to in-market consumers throughout the Easter purchase season, as competition is fierce.

Although Easter has its own specific retail products, don’t forget about the 40 days leading up to Easter that have a significant group of people giving up vices for Lent. Their sacrifices range from media consumption -- including TV and social networking -- to sweets and unhealthy habits. This may encourage consumers to get off the couch and go shopping. Entice buyers to channel their spare time to engage with your products in-store.

Lent followers traditionally focus on giving something up, but there is also a component of taking on a project that has been subjected to severe procrastination. Now it is time to tackle the daunting home improvement DIY projects and intensive spring cleaning, including taking all of your old clothes to the local donation store and purchasing a fresh look for the quickly approaching Spring weather. Retailers have the opportunity to push messaging reminding consumers of their pending projects and the products that provide easy solutions.

Posted by Keri Overman, The Google Retail Team


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