Introducing the Class of 2011

5/02/2011 11:49:00 AM


I can hear Pomp and Circumstance playing as I think of all the high school and college students marching across the stage to receive their diplomas this month. While these students throw their caps into the air and embark on their journey into the “real world”, retailers are hard at work making sure they are involved every step of the way.

Here are some tips on how retailers can engage the graduates and their families this year.

Be well dressed.
Finding the perfect outfit for the ceremony and post-graduation celebrations can be a chore. Make it easy for consumers to find white dresses and suits by correlating ad copy with specific landing pages. Graduation dress shoppers historically search online for graduation dresses through the end of May. Time advertising according to interest to be in the consideration set.

Don’t forget to suggest matching shoes and accessories for the big day to increase shopping basket size.

Bring gifts.
Graduation is a key gifting period. Relatives spoil graduates with gifts of all shapes and sizes. Be visible to consumers looking for graduation gift ideas and offer suggestions of appropriate gifts. Personalized items are popular for graduation, so if you sell these items, broadcast it across multiple media platforms.

Don’t miss the party.
Graduation day usually entails a well-deserved celebration with family and friends. Advertising on terms such as [graduation party ideas], [graduation decorations], [graduation favors] and [graduation party invitations] enhances the chances of engages converting party planning purchasers.

Pose for photos.
This is a day where students become celebrities, as family acts like the paparazzi, capturing a chronological account of the last moments of the teenage years. Retailers that process photos or offer digital photo memory products have the opportunity to increase sales by targeting graduates and their parents this month. Be sure to open bids and budget to account for additional traffic.

We wish all the graduates out there luck in their endeavors, and hope you have the time of your life at your graduation celebration!

Posted by Keri Overman, The Google Retail Team