Make a Splash This Summer!

6/21/2011 12:28:00 PM


Just like in old-fashioned retail, selling online has its cycles. And while the Q4 holiday shopping season is usually Retail’s big wave, we shouldn’t forget about the summer months, particularly if your product inventory aligns well with things you’d need to make a splash at a pool party - [board shorts], [sunscreen], [flip flops], [floaties] and [pool chairs].

Just remember, taking advantage of summer seasonality is far easier than perfecting a backwards 2 ½ somersault dive with an extra 1 ½ twists (see some real experts, here), or even preparing the perfect summer evening snack (hello, homemade ice cream). Follow these three easy steps to make a splash this summer:

  • Capture rising demand. Use tools like Google Insights for Search to research how customers are searching for inventory. Are they searching for “patio furniture,” or more specifically, for “wicker patio furniture?”
  • It’s not just search anymore; be visible wherever your customers are. Take advantage of the Google Display Network and expand into key areas to reach users that are browsing for the latest outdoor party ideas, among other things. 
  • Make sure customers get the message. Tailor your ad creative to speak to a summer audience. Use call-to-action messaging encouraging your customer to act now and “beat the rays this summer,” or try reminding them that “it’s not too late to find the perfect beach chair.”
Posted by Amy Lovin, The Google Retail Team


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Demand may change the supply of products and it might be affecting production. Summer and winter may need some product change in the world. Normally, summer needs cool products and winter needs hot products.