How Interest Categories Can Help Retailers Better Target Consumers for Back-to-School Season

7/13/2011 01:26:00 PM

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The trends for ‘back-to-school’ queries over the past four years illuminate more than when queries start and peak. These searches have been analyzed and grouped within categories that can help shape retailers’ display strategy for this year’s back to school season on the Google Display Network. The following categories and sub-categories, in order to frequency, were the most commonly searched themes for back-to-school queries:

  • Society: Education, Legal, Social Science
  • Entertainment: Music and Movies
  • Shopping: Apparel, Mass Merchants and Department Stores, Flowers Gifts and Greetings
  • Local: Regional Content, Jobs
As the graph below indicates, back to school searches begin to quickly rise at the beginning of July, peak in mid-August, and tail off at the end of September. So start gearing up for back-to-school season, and be sure to target these relevant categories on the Display Network!

Posted by Jieun Baek, The Google Retail Team


Paul Burani said...

Gotta love the Back to School season to breathe some life after a slow summer! The gifting behavior around Back to School is pretty big opportunity for search marketers, especially in the Arts & Humanities and Recreation categories.