An Interview with Avinash Kaushik: How to Truly Win on the Internet (Part Two)

9/13/2011 12:26:00 PM

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Last week we took a look at the first half of a four part interview from Google Think Voices with Avinash Kaushik on how to succeed in the digital world using key insights to evaluate and refine the customer experience. Today we are focusing on the last two videos of the series.

The first video explores the leap from faith-based to data-based marketing decisions. How embracing a crowdsourcing mentality that serves as an “idea democracy” to surface both good and bad ideas can impact your business. Once the ideas are vetted in a short test, marketing decisions can be made quicker and faster than within campaigns hosted on traditional mediums.

The final video highlights the hazards of overlooking the end-to-end customer experience. Match great ads with relevant and engaging landing pages to delight consumers and encourage conversions. Leverage your website as a portal to your brand.

To get more helpful information from Avinash visit his blog, Occam’s Razor.

Posted by Keri Overman, The Google Retail Team