Trend-Spotting for Holiday Apparel Gifts

10/27/2011 06:33:00 PM

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Admit it – you get caught up, at least a bit, in the rush to discover what each holiday season’s hottest gifts will be before the crowds do. Will it be UGGs, Elmo, and iPads again? Or is a little-known brand going to be the most coveted item this year?

For retailers hoping to rack up sales and for shoppers who want to pile up the must-have items, Google Insights for Search is the next best thing to a crystal ball. Today we’re giving you a head start on uncovering trends in Apparel. We’ll also be posting about other top category trends in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned.

Looking for the perfect Winter look? Maybe just the right gift? Search trends indicate that Penguin sweaters and Versace for H&M are sure to be a hit.

Or maybe there’s an athlete on your list who’s asked for cold weather workout gear. Not surprisingly, as temperatures drop, searches for warm apparel staples like [sweaters], [coats], and [jackets] are on the rise.

And for your athletes, searches around [running tights] and [waterproof jackets] are gathering steam. Insights’ top and rising searches also often call out brands that are trending above the pack.

Lean on Insights for Search to help you pick trends and winners this year, then seal the deal with Google Product Search. Search the products you want, do a little price comparing, and for instant gratification, see which local stores have your look in stock.

Happy shopping!

Posted by Benson Dastrup, The Google Retail Team