Deck the Halls!

12/07/2011 10:26:00 AM

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Head past the busy parking lot of the Christmas Place store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in July and you’ll be reminded that there are people who are busy thinking about holiday decorating throughout all seasons of the year. However, Google searches indicate that for most, the official kick-off for holiday decorating is the weekend after Thanksgiving. No time is wasted before we swap our pumpkins for candy canes and clear our cornucopia arrangements to make room for garland centerpieces.

And while many of us will brave the annual trip up to the attic to retrieve boxes of our time-honored holiday decorations, there always seems to be room on the mantel for an additional snowman trinket and space on the tree for a new ornament. What are consumers looking for when it comes to updating holiday décor this year? Google searches reveal several trends for decking the halls in the 2011 holiday season:

  • Grab the glitter, the glue guns, the ribbon, and construction paper - homemade ornaments are a breakout search this holiday as consumers look to add a personal touch to holiday decor
  • And speaking of personal touch, personalized stocking searches are among top rising terms related to stockings this year
  • Since unseasonably warm weather this year makes it seem unlikely that most the US will see the real thing anytime soon, search volume is larger than ever for fake snow
  • And finally, there are many searchers (myself included) who are starting with the most basic search for holiday decorating ideas and hoping to find inspiration for completing this year’s holiday decorating theme
With the vast range of searches related to holiday decorating, retailers have ample opportunity to attract consumers to their sites and offer products and ideas for holiday trimmings that will help make this season extra special.

What holiday decorating trends are delighting you this season?

Posted by Kristin Patterson, The Google Retail Team


Anonymous said...

Kristin: Nice work here! Hard to believe that its Christmas time again! But like you said,..........its always Christmas time in Tennessee. Seeya!

Barbara Carr Phillips said...

Christmas Place ... ah ... love it 365 days a year. I'm probably the one driving these search results because I pretty much Google that same list every day :)