Digital’s Role in the Furniture Shopper’s Path to Purchase

9/24/2012 06:17:00 PM

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It’s no secret that the way consumers shop today has fundamentally changed. Purchase decisions are highly researched and much more calculated than they were ten years ago. According to a 2011 Google/Shopper Science study, the number of sources used by any shopper for any average shopping occasion is now up to 10.4. This is nearly double the amount used as recently as 2010!

So what’s the impact to furniture retailers? According to Forrester research, 6% of furniture sales will be e-commerce by 2016, and 60% of all furniture sales will be online-influenced. To better understand the role that online plays in furniture shopping, we investigated into how digital and mobile influences the furniture purchase path. Check out this infographic to see some of our key findings:

Stay tuned for more great insights into the furniture category, including data around the consumer's online path to purchase, later this year.

Posted by Jacalyn Stolt, Google Retail Team


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