Tracking Local Brand Interest with Search

10/28/2010 11:13:00 AM

Google Insights for Search features a tool that shows how search volume shifts over time based on geography. Since search volume is an indicator of consumer interest, it can be useful to see how interest in particular search queries changes over time. Here are three examples.

Skinny jeans
First, let's look at the evolution of a fashion trend: skinny jeans

In this example, searches begin to index high in New York and California. As time goes by, the search index increases down the coasts and finally throughout much of the country, which is a normal pattern for fashion trends.

Tom's Shoes
Next, let's look at a brand. Check out this one for Tom's Shoes

Tom's Shoes was founded in 2006 and commits to donating a pair of shoes to a child in need with every shoe purchased. In this case, searches started in California & Texas in early 2008. By 2009, search volume grew throughout the south and west coast and in 2010, people across much of the country were searching for Tom's Shoes. This is a great example of how interest in a brand can spread via grassroots efforts and word of mouth.

Reebok Easy Tone
Finally, let's look at an established brand with a new product launch: Reebok EasyTone

Reebok launched a national ad campaign for its new shoe, 'Easy Tone', in Q4 2009. On the map, you can see the search volume index go from zero to blue in most states in Nov-Dec 2009. By promoting their new product nationally with a multi-media ad campaign, Reebok ignigted interest across the country. And when people are interested in learning more about something, they search.

So, check out the Google Insights for Search tool to see how searches for your products and categories are trending both nationally and regionally to make the most out of your search campaigns.

Posted by Eva Barbier, Google Retail Team