New Year, New You! How to Connect with Fitness Buffs

1/13/2011 12:26:00 PM

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The New Year has started off with a bang, with a renewed commitment by many to achieve health and fitness goals. January is traditionally the month that consumers seek out new fitness equipment/programs and nutrition tips, according to Insights for Search. Each year however, consumer interest tends to shift in relation to various types of fitness products.

What will fitness lovers seek this year? Over the last seven days, general fitness terms, P90x and treadclimbers are the top and rising search terms. Consumers also are looking to assess their healthy weight and find a local gym. If you have motivational content to keep health seekers focused on their health goals, advertise and engage consumers to ensure they think of you for their fitness needs.

Popular nutritional vitamins and supplements terms in the last week included general vitamin and supplements, as well as specific vitamins and vitamin brands. If you offer the listed brands and products, it is paramount to notify consumers of your inventory and vast brand selection. Offer any incentive to encourage people to buy from your store or ecommerce channel. Nutritional tips are also helpful to consumers that are looking to boost their health.

Now that you have scored a touchdown with fitness and nutritional advertising, add a two-point conversion and a standing ovation from roaring fitness-focused consumers everywhere by advertising on key apparel brands. Highlight the benefits of athletic footwear and active sportswear in addition to selection and value.

Posted by Keri Overman, Google Retail Team


Anonymous said...

Good info! Thanks for sharing. Forever 21 though is a retail store that sells inexpensive apparel for young women - or people who want to dress young. Probably doesn't fit into the Fitness search category.

Samual said...

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