In Matters of the Heart, East Coast May be Warmer than the West Coast

1/19/2010 12:07:00 PM


The East Coast and much of Mid-West may have frigid temperatures this winter, but with Valentine's Day just a few weeks away, Google Insights for Search US trends reveal that 'Valentine's Day' searches for 2010 so far are much hotter in eastern states compared to the rest of the nation. If your retail business services any of the states below, consider creating or increasing your media focus on regional Valentine's Day ad campaigns to target shoppers in those areas where there's more interest:

By drilling down to a city level, we can see that those living in New York, Chicago, LA, or D.C., for example, may be better poised for Valentine's Day success as they have been researching more heavily than other cities:

On a national level, so far search intensity level is in line with trends seen in the previous years. However, as with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we have seen 'Valentine's Day' searches rising earlier than the year prior, indicating that consumers are shopping earlier online for this occasion.