Women Out Search Men This Valentine's Day

2/11/2010 01:13:00 PM


Either they know exactly what to buy, or men are completely unprepared for Valentine's Day this year. Women are frantically searching on terms like 'valentine's day gifts for men,' 'gifts for husband,' and 'gifts for boyfriends,' but men don't seem to be too worried. Ladies - take note, and tell your boyfriends and husbands to get moving! Better yet, tell them what you want, because time is running out and the men don't seem to mind!

Interestingly, searches are highest for 'gifts for boyfriend,' with 'gifts for girlfriend' a very distant second, both trending well above gifts for husbands and wives. Is this because dating couples need ideas for a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or do married couples know exactly what to give each other? In either instance, keep in mind that women are 'out searching' men in their quest for the perfect gift, especially if they are still dating. For future holidays, keep this in mind, and tailor your ads and sites to women looking for gift ideas.

If we take a look at rising searches related to Valentine's Day gifts, we see this theme continue, with four of the top ten searches relating to men's gifts.

In all fairness, with Valentine's Day Flowers topping the list, it appears that woman will be receiving flowers -- but if you're anything like me, you were hoping for something shiny. Hopefully men get the hint, and we'll see a more balanced list next year. Happy Valentine's Day to all!


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Boys its always the same, in last day we buy something

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