President's Day Traffic Up From '09

2/15/2010 01:02:00 AM


Fore score, and seven years ago, President's Day was an opportunity to honor our former presidents. These days, in addition to honoring our forefathers, many are thanking them for our freedom to shop.

Savvy shoppers are looking for deals this President's Day, and they are turning to the internet for help. This year, internet traffic on 'president's day sales' is trending well above last year's traffic.

President's Day has become synonymous with sales, especially in the furniture and auto industry. However, shoppers are looking for an excuse to find a good deal in any industry, so make sure your ads reflect current promotions, and that your budgets are optimized to capture additional traffic.

I'm sure our nation's leaders would want you all to take this opportunity to capture online shoppers. Happy President's Day!