Blurring the Line: Non-Line Driven Analytics

4/19/2010 03:48:00 PM


Last week we saw highlights from the "Think with Google: Future of Multi-Channel" summit. Today we learn from Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist at Google, about measuring offline marketing impact online and measuring online impact offline. Watch the short 5-min video on non-line driven analytics.

To summarize, Avinash notes five key tactics to measure offline marketing impact online:
1. Use vanity URL's / hone #'s
2. Use unique coupons and offers
3. Use online surveys
4. Correlate traffic patterns
5. Run controlled experiments

Similarly, the five main tactics you can use to measure online impact offline are:
1. Measure offline calls to action
2. Track phone calls & live chat
3. Use unique coupons and offers
4. Use online surveys
5. Conduct controlled experiments

For more information on the what's and how's of multi-channel analytics, read more on Avinash's blog.


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