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2/22/2011 11:00:00 AM

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Since we introduced last November, we’ve been busy developing new features that we proudly unveiled as New York Fashion Week hit the runways.

More of the boutiques you love
We’re welcoming hundreds of thousands of stunning new boutiques, including those from designers Helmut Lang, Michael Kors, Billy Reid and Thakoon.

Trend data to excite designers and fashion enthusiasts alike
Over the past few months, we’ve watched usage of Boutiques soar. Shoppers aren’t just creating their own customized boutiques, they’re enthusiastically taking our Stylyzer Quiz and sharing what they “love” and “hate” about products while browsing. As a result, we’ve gained a unique, aggregate view into the latest fashion trends—a reflection of what shoppers think and feel about the colors, silhouettes, patterns and prices of individual products from across the web.

Recently we unveiled Designer Analytics, a tool that enables our design partners to benefit from this collective knowledge—giving them insight into how their products are searched, shopped and loved. With easy-to-understand data visualizations, Designer Analytics shows what colors, shapes and patterns are most loved and hated broadly (in categories such as shoes, dresses and handbags) and even down to how specific items are performing. Designers can also see how their stats compare to brands like them. Designer Analytics is available when logged in, and looks like this:

We also launched a public version called Trend Analytics that gives curious fashionistas a view into the latest, site-wide fashion trends. Using aggregate data from both and Google Search, it shows the hottest colors of the season, the most-loved products and the must-have trends.

New boutique features to help you express your style
We added some enhanced features for boutiques, including a photo gallery and video upload (celebrity, designers, blogger and featured boutiques only) to give more opportunities for people to express who they are and share their unique point of view.

Posted by Abigail Holtz, Product Manager


SunnyBoy said...

my mini market

william said...

Very cool how trends are being used to not only socialize but also to sell and recommend products. @dr4ward #mkt4760

Laptopbag said...

Recommending products on forums and blogs are definitely becoming an up and coming trend - it's a good thing