Ask not what your ad campaigns can do for you, but what you can do for your ad campaigns to get the most out of President's Day

2/15/2011 05:41:00 PM


Think that Valentine’s Day is the only holiday for retailers in February? Think again: between January 1 and the present, searches for the term “presidents day sales” have increased by almost 100%.

As the graph below suggests, queries for “presidents day deals” have grown over the years, and this observation is worth advertisers’ time; creating new ad text and having a coupon code for shoppers looking to score a bargain this weekend may be valuable.

Below are a few quick tips and tricks that retail advertisers can use to capitalize on the traffic and queries surrounding this day that connotes bargains and three-day holiday plans (in addition to recognizing our nation’s forefathers, of course!).

  • Create a new landing page. Create a page or tab on the site that has information on special deals and sales!
  • Develop a discount code for President's Day sales. Some of the highest queries for Presidents Day are “coupon codes,” and “discount codes.” Don’t miss out on this traffic and be sure to have a code for your site!
  • Use ad text that advertises sales and the discount code for President's Day. Be sure to link the destination URL to your new landing page that advertises the new sales. Additionally, insert your discount code in new ad text on search, mobile and display networks.
  • Be discoverable on mobile and tablets. Connect with consumers looking for competitive deals and researching items of interest.

Posted by Jieun Baek, The Google Retail Team


Samual said...

I appreciate you for posting such a great Blog. There is a big market to win with a professional approach. Today’s merchandising products already realises extremely high profits.

Brian said...

Great tips on how to make the most out of a holiday. Its interesting to see that retailers could neglect a holiday where complete sectors of the working population have off. Having a properly planned website could turn a good day into a great day for retailers! I'm studying retail management with @dr4ward...#mkt4760

Matt_WMU said...

Agreed! Too many retailers forget P. Day. Although the bars seem to be on top of it! Thanks for showing us the data driven analysis of why it matters to promote on Presidents day.