I Just Called & Clicked To Say I Love You: Capturing Hearts One Mobile Phone at a Time

2/14/2011 10:28:00 AM

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Ah, alas! February 14th: That special day of the year when love is in the air, Cupid is on the loose and men around the country are searching to find their romantic side - Valentine’s Day. Well gentlemen, the big night has finally arrived and whether you’ve been preparing for months or just noticed that big heart around the 14th on your girlfriend’s calendar (hint!), planning the perfect Valentine’s Day is right at your fingertips – literally!

That tiny cell phone in your hand is the gateway to the world and to your little lady’s heart. Mobile devices have changed the way we live, work, and play. Over 122M people in the US are now smartphone users who have access to information instantly & everywhere.*

For the sake of our Valentine’s example, let’s call our little lovebirds Shannon and Matt. Matt has been quite the busy bee lately, traveling around the country for work. So when Valentine’s Day arrives he panics. However, thanks to his smartphone, within 15 minutes Matt is able to find the number of a local florist along with a 10% discount ad, research reviews on the best Italian restaurants in the city, make reservations, and map directions to the location from Shannon’s house. This last-minute effort has turned into a picture perfect night for the couple and for the mobile advertisers – the ultimate love triangle!

Mobile searches tend to peak on weekends when people are on-the-go and away from their computers. Advertisers with mobile specific targeting have an even greater advantage this Valentine’s Day as it occurs on a Monday, so they’ll have the benefit of capturing optimal weekend traffic.

Valentine’s Day shopping typically begins three weeks prior to the holiday. However, flower & gift online traffic shares continue to rise due to last-minute shoppers – so advertisers, be sure to keep your campaigns running through February 14th!

Whether you’re cuddling over a candlelight dinner (made from a recipe found on your mobile phone, of course!), popping the question - or maybe just a bottle of champagne - this Valentine’s Day is bound to be a success with your lady and your mobile phone nearby.

*comScore 2010 US Digital Year in Review Report

Posted by Terra Teague, The Google Retail Team