Holiday 2011: Hot Gifts in Footwear & Accessories

11/11/2011 12:00:00 PM

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At the end of October we revealed the top apparel trends by looking into our “crystal ball”, Google Insights for Search. Today we will be focusing on footwear and accessories, the perfect holiday outfit bonus.

It looks like holiday 2011 is (again) going to be the year of the boot. Across the board, Google searches for [boots] are way up over the same time last year. And when general search volume is consistently high, as it is with a large product category like boots, a strong uptick in searches spells big holiday demand.

Digging into Rising Searches, some top picks are [combat boots] (for girls and guys), [riding boots], and [lace-up boots]. We plugged in these gainers along with a couple top terms to see relative popularity. Searches for [cowboy boots] are headed off the charts already, and searches for [polo boots], last year’s breakout, are also ramping quickly.

Once you’ve scored a pair of boots to give away (or to keep, if you’ve been nice), you’ll need accessories to complete the look. Whether the gifts you’ll be giving are suited for cocktail parties or the snowball fights, rounding off your shopping haul with some well-chosen accessories can help stretch your holiday budget and give you a reputation as a great gift giver.

Searches for [scarves], [beanies] and [earmuffs] are headed up, but “gloves” look like a must-have every year. Shop now while inventory is strong and before the masses start looking.

We hope we have inspired you to dress to impress with our “Insights” this Holiday season.

Happy shopping!

Posted by Benson Dastrup, The Google Retail Team


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