Shopping Early, Shopping Late

10/21/2009 11:46:00 AM


As we discussed in yesterday's post, consumers are getting an earlier start than ever this holiday season – they have already begun both researching and purchasing holiday gifts.

We also spoke to consumers about when they would be completing the majority of their holiday purchases. Consumers responding to our recent Google/OTX Consumer Intentions Survey from September, said that the majority of their holiday purchasing will take place during Thanksgiving weekend and during early/mid December. In fact, 32% of holiday shoppers plan to do the majority of their purchasing Thanksgiving weekend, while 40% indicated they would do so in early and mid-December.

It’s important to target these audiences through your online campaigns when they are ready to purchase as well as both early and late in the season to ensure your brand is in the consideration set. Also, don’t forget the early birds and last-minute shoppers. As indicated above, those planning to shop before Thanksgiving and those planning to wait until the last minute or even after the holiday season to complete the majority of their purchases account for 25% of shoppers.

Source: Google/OTX Consumer Intentions for Holiday 2009, 9/09. (Q2). When do you plan to do the majority of your holiday purchasing? n=2002


sangra.sebiz said...

So early and mid December weekends are good time to shop acc to shoppers survey