Back-to-School: 50% Will Shop Both Online & In-Store

7/07/2010 11:52:00 AM

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As we discussed last month, searches are up 15% headed into the 2010 back-to-school season and this year, the multi-channel opportunity is big. One in two US consumers will shop for Back-to-School in 2010 and 50% of those consumers will look both online & in-store.

Compared to in-store only purchasers, that’s a 13 percentage point lead. As consumers increasingly adopt multi-channel shopping behaviors, be sure to integrate your marketing efforts by leveraging your online campaigns to drive in-store purchases and your traditional advertising to drive online engagement.

Source: Google/OTX Back to School Pulse Check, May 2010.

Posted by Heidi Spector, the Google Retail Team


Paul Browne said...


That fits pretty much with what we're seeing - not online is Argos (Major UK Retail chain) doing 25% of it's it's business online, but a lot of the traditional business is driven / researched offline first.

Full slides with the stats from our recent event here


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